Physical Education BA (Hons)

physical education degreeThe objective of our physical education plan is to support students comprehend and appreciate the body’s capacity for movement, as nicely as the physical, mental, social and emotional outcomes of physical activity that positively contribute to overall health and well-becoming. An in-depth study of Hatha Yoga which includes the eight stages (or limbs) of yoga as explained in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali written about 200 to 300 B.C. Emphasis placed on asana (physical postures, pranayama (breathing techniques), and dyhana (meditation). This program includes courses such as facilities management, policy improvement and administration of athletic programs.

Information concerning cohort retention, persistence, and graduation data for campus Bachelor’s degree-level students can be identified at the following link: Campus Bachelor’s Information Added disaggregated views of cohort retention, persistence, and graduation for students in all degree levels and modalities are also obtainable. Kids also discover the basics of excellent sportsmanship and that there is much more to sports and physical activities than simply winning or losing. Particular degree applications may possibly also prepare students to teach physical education at the adult level.

The academic team has substantial skilled expertise in roles such as teaching, coaching, sport development, physical activity, overall health and wellbeing. This degree program is also suitable for people who wish to move toward a profession in coaching education or investigation on coaching. While it could not be necessary in some places, an associate degree in criminal justice is a plus for a police or corrections officer. If you have a background in advertising and marketing, law or enterprise, this degree program is correct up your alley.

You will focus on specific themes and problems relating to children’s participation in Physical Education and College Sport and beyond, exploring the causes for children’s engagement and disaffection in Physical Education and College Sport settings. The module will make you conscious of the basic assumptions underpinning a selection of key understanding theories, as well as building your knowledge of how these theories could be applied to facilitate and assess studying in physical education and college sport settings.

The tutor will give individual academic guidance via your time at the University and will be in a position to act as a referee, writing references for voluntary or paid positions that you apply for in the course of and at the end of your degree. We have a robust emphasis on you as the facilitator of your personal studying, advertising ownership of your development in the course of your degree programme. Physical education subjects do not demand an excessive amount of physical work anymore.physical education degree