Is a Career in Engineering Right For You?

Whether you’re just starting college or looking for a new career path, engineering is a field that’s worth considering. Not only are skilled engineers highly valued within most organizations, many of the world’s largest employers are constantly on the hunt for new engineering talent. In addition, most engineers make good money, with starting salaries averaging around $80,000. However, while engineering major may be a good fit some, it’s certainly not for everyone. When considering whether or not a degree in engineering is right for you, take care to ask yourself the following questions.

Are You a Problem Solver?

One of the most important qualities an engineer can possess is an affinity for solving problems. Many companies depend on engineers to identify and remedy a wide assortment of issues, so being a natural problem solver is sure to serve you well in this field. Of course, this isn’t to say that problem-solving skills can’t be acquired through taking part in a good engineering program, like the kind offered by

Do You Possess Strong Math and Science Skills?

People with above-average math and science skills tend to make the best engineers. Since engineering is a highly technical field, it pays to have an advanced understanding of the aforementioned subjects. However, as is the case with problem solving, even if your math and science skills leave much to be desired, you can always strengthen them through higher education. Most engineering curriculums require students to complete a plethora of math and science courses, so if your knowledge in these fields is lacking, be prepared for a challenge. Students who aren’t particularly good at math or science may benefit from taking refresher courses in both subjects before enrolling in a comprehensive engineering program.

Do You Enjoy Puzzles?

Engineers are frequently relied upon to solve a variety of complex puzzles. Although some individuals will happily jump onto any puzzle-solving opportunity, others don’t particularly enjoy being faced with them. While not having an interest in puzzle-solving is perfectly understandable, it may also make engineering a poop career choice for you. If, however, you possess a knack for unraveling complex puzzles and live for finding answering, engineering should be right up your alley.

Engineering can be a deeply rewarding and highly profitable career, but this doesn’t mean it’s ideal for everyone. Still, provided you possess the traits discussed above or are willing to work hard to acquire them, there’s a good chance you’ll thrive in the field of engineering.