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A dissertation is the longest and the most complicated independent work in the undergraduate program that presents the final results of independent research. This challenging task requires a lot of time and effort and as rule people who have to complete dissertations have plenty of other important commitments: part-time or full-time jobs, families, and often […]

Punjab Board 10th results 2017 / PSEB 10th Result 2017

Punjab secondary education (PSEB) board conducts 10th class secondary board examination for the students belongs to this board in the month of March or April. May be result will be come in May 2017. It’s expected month of result. Students visit official website page regularly. It’s very popular board in PUNJAB state. This board headquarter is located in Chandigarh. This board is working under state government. Approx 5lakhs students will give exam this year. Check Here: Punjab Board 10th Result 2017 You can check your result by name wise or roll number wise, in result name, marks, percentage. If you have doubt in result you can revaluate it revaluation result will be available very soon. You can check it at official website which we give below. You can check previous years boys, girls & overall students passing percentage & number of students who appeared in the exam. Previous year result statistics About this board was formed in 1955. These board duties are include academic research & development and conducting exams. Board conducts examination for numerous students from govt. & private schools across punjab state. Steps for check PSEB 10th Result 2017:- Name of board- Punjab secondary education board Name of exam-  10th examinations 2017 Date of examinations- in the month of March or April 2017 Exam results date- expected in the month of may/June 2017 Official site-

Things To Know Before You Embark On A Real Estate Career

If you’re looking for an exciting new career, you might be considering the world of real estate. Real estate is a fast-paced and exciting industry where people have the potential to make a lot of money. However, before you do an internet search for “how to get real estate license in Nevada,” there’s a few things you should consider. Here are some things to keep in mind before you embark on a real estate career. College Isn’t Required, But Training Is Real estate is an interesting field, in the sense that people have the potential to make a lot of money without a formal college degree. However, just because you don’t need a proper degree from a four-year university doesn’t mean that you don’t need any training whatsoever. Real estate agents are expected to complete a formal training program and get the necessary certifications before they can embark on their career. The Money Might Not Roll In Right Away Real estate firms are almost always hiring. However, just because you get hired doesn’t mean that you’ll start making a lot of money right away. Since real estate agents are paid on commission, you won’t actually receive a paycheck from your firm until you sell a house or property. This is why it’s a good idea to have some money saved before you begin your real estate career. Some firms and agencies will allow their agents to answer phones and do secretarial work for a small hourly payment, but it’s usually not enough money to live on. There’s The Potential To Make A Great Living While real estate agents might not make a lot of money right from the starting gate, there is the potential to make quite a bit of money. However, it’s all dependent on how hard you’re willing to work. If you put in the hours and do exceptional work, you can enjoy quite a nice living. Before you embark on a real estate career, be sure to keep these things in mind. It’s a rewarding field, but it definitely takes persistence, dedication and hard work if you want to have a successful career.

Travel Tips For The Online Students And Degree Seekers

If you take online classes you are all too familiar with how much you can get accomplished on the internet. Everything from shopping to banking to ordering groceries can be done by simply clicking a few keys from your desk at home. Working on a degree online can be tiring. So why not use the same skills to book a vacation online. This helpful guide will provide you with some easy tips to book an online vacation and give yourself some much needed relaxation. Book Online through Travel Websites While it may be tempting to go directly to the airline and purchase your ticket you can often find better savings when you book through travel websites. Rather than going directly to delta, head over to Priceline to book your flight. They usually buy huge blocks of bulk tickets from airlines in order to secure a low price for their customers and in turn pass that saving on to their customer base. Consider booking online through a travel website for the best deal. Buy your tickets months in advance Buying your tickets well in advance is a great way to secure a good deal. If you have to fly somewhere for the holidays or thanksgiving do not wait until the last minute to buy your tickets. Doing so can result in tickets costing hundreds of dollars more than they should. Rather if you buy your tickets in advance you have preference over times and cost. Why not fly at a time that is convenient rather than having to settle for what is available at the last minute. Consider booking in advance for better prices and scheduling preferences. Only take a carry on if it is possible. In order to save money on ticket prices many airlines are making checked luggage a paid service. Most airlines are upfront about this policy when you buy your tickets but make sure to do your research so you don’t get hit with a fee when you are checking your bags. You can easily circumvent this problem by packing everything in a carry on.

Is a Career in Engineering Right For You?

Whether you’re just starting college or looking for a new career path, engineering is a field that’s worth considering. Not only are skilled engineers highly valued within most organizations, many of the world’s largest employers are constantly on the hunt for new engineering talent. In addition, most engineers make good money, with starting salaries averaging around $80,000. However, while engineering major may be a good fit some, it’s certainly not for everyone. When considering whether or not a degree in engineering is right for you, take care to ask yourself the following questions. Are You a Problem Solver? One of the most important qualities an engineer can possess is an affinity for solving problems. Many companies depend on engineers to identify and remedy a wide assortment of issues, so being a natural problem solver is sure to serve you well in this field. Of course, this isn’t to say that problem-solving skills can’t be acquired through taking part in a good engineering program, like the kind offered by Do You Possess Strong Math and Science Skills? People with above-average math and science skills tend to make the best engineers. Since engineering is a highly technical field, it pays to have an advanced understanding of the aforementioned subjects. However, as is the case with problem solving, even if your math and science skills leave much to be desired, you can always strengthen them through higher education. Most engineering curriculums require students to complete a plethora of math and science courses, so if your knowledge in these fields is lacking, be prepared for a challenge. Students who aren’t particularly good at math or science may benefit from taking refresher courses in both subjects before enrolling in a comprehensive engineering program. Do You Enjoy Puzzles? Engineers are frequently relied upon to solve a variety of complex puzzles. Although some individuals will happily jump onto any puzzle-solving opportunity, others don’t particularly enjoy being faced with them. While not having an interest in puzzle-solving is perfectly understandable, it may also make engineering a poop career choice for you. If, however, you possess a knack for unraveling complex puzzles and live for finding answering, engineering should be right up your alley. Engineering can be a deeply rewarding and highly profitable career, but this doesn’t mean it’s ideal for everyone. Still, provided you possess the traits discussed above or are willing to work hard to acquire…

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